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Doctor SharePoint Conference Report

The staff here at the DoctorSharePoint offices were closed for the week as they attended Microsoft’s Build 2020 event.  Build 2020 was an essential event to help our staff stay up to date on the latest happenings in the SharePoint world. Here are our reports from the conference about what’s new and upcoming for SharePoint.

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Dr. SharePoint's Glossary of Acronyms and Terms

Have you ever been searching the web, not sure what to search for when fixing a SharePoint issue? Just need to get an overview of what everything means in SharePoint? Well, we here get asked the same questions all the time!

Swimming Across the Channel!

Swimming Across the Channel!

Not the English Channel, but rather the Teams Channels!  Dr. SharePoint here with another new tip straight form those cooky guys and gals over at Microsoft!  Sometimes they announce something that is wonderful!  This is one of those announcements, you can now cross post a message accross more then one channel all without copy / pasting!


Recommended Self Help Session - Microsoft Ignite

The staff here at DoctorSharePoint are always on the lookout for self-help seminars that we believe will be of great benefit to our patients.  Well, there is an upcoming seminar called Microsoft Ignite – Florida that we believe everyone should have on their calendar.  Read on for what’s on the agenda!


PowerBI Summit

Offered as part of your insurance package, are self-improvement classes.  Read on for more information about an upcoming PowerBI summit.


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