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I Dont Understand You!

Ever wish that you could understand everyone in a Teams meeting?  Even those with a heavy accent or speaking in different languages!?!  Wait not more (or at least not much longer)!  Microsft Teams is rolling out language translations this summer!

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Dr. SharePoint's Glossary of Acronyms and Terms

Have you ever been searching the web, not sure what to search for when fixing a SharePoint issue? Just need to get an overview of what everything means in SharePoint? Well, we here get asked the same questions all the time!

Swimming Across the Channel!

Swimming Across the Channel!

Not the English Channel, but rather the Teams Channels!  Dr. SharePoint here with another new tip straight form those cooky guys and gals over at Microsoft!  Sometimes they announce something that is wonderful!  This is one of those announcements, you can now cross post a message accross more then one channel all without copy / pasting!

"Next Steps Panel"?  SharePoint Online Team Sites!
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Updated Feature!

"Next Steps Panel"? SharePoint Online Team Sites!

Hello Patients!  It seems that Microsoft is finally expanding the in-product help that appears at the top-right of your SharePoint team sites!  This will begin gradually rolling out to "targeted release customers" mid-December.  How does this affect you?  SharePoint will help you and your users build new sites by providing contextual help. To see the tips, click on the megaphone in the Office 365 suite header above the team site.


PowerBI Summit

Offered as part of your insurance package, are self-improvement classes.  Read on for more information about an upcoming PowerBI summit.

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