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Create New SharePoint Lists from Excel or Other Lists

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Create New SharePoint Lists from Excel or Other Lists

Exciting news directly from the DoctorSharePoint operating room.  It will soon be easier to transfer data from your standalone Excel spreadsheet to a nice and shiny SharePoint list with all the benefits that SharePoint brings.
Beginning with targeted release customers in May 2019 this new feature will allow a patient to build new lists from Excel, templates, or other lists.  The benefits of using a SharePoint list instead of Excel are immense.  For example SharePoint lists are more secure and can handle more data than a typical Excel spreadsheet.
Lets go through the different ways that will be available to create SharePoint lists.
First up, Lists from lists: This new feature will allow any patient with the appropriate permissions to create a new list from any existing SharePoint list.  What happens in the background when you use the operation is that the entire list structure is copied, including forms, formatting, and custom metadata columns.  Its important to note that actual data will not be copied. See picture below.

The second, and arguably the more exciting new feature, is Lists from Excel: When using this option to create a new SharePoint list you will have the opportunity to change the field type of the column if needed.  See the example below:

Look for this exiting new feature to arrive in your Office 365 tenant soon.

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