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Dr. SharePoint's Glossary of Acronyms and Terms

Doctor SharePoint

Dr. SharePoint's Glossary of Acronyms and Terms

Have you ever been searching the web, not sure what to search for when fixing a SharePoint issue? Just need to get an overview of what everything means in SharePoint? Well, we here get asked the same questions all the time! Microsoft has recently published a SharePoint Usage Glossary filed with terms, acronyms, descriptions and more to help you better understand the admittedly, sometime difficult terminology we use here at the office of Dr. SharePoint.

Whether you are a new patient or long-term employee of Dr. SharePoint, there are always new term to learn.  A great thing about this new resource is that if you feel that something is missing, you can submit new term for review to be added to the list!

So, head on over to the SharePoint Glossary and learn what all of those terms you have heard the Dr. SharePoint staff using really mean.

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