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Global tenant opt-out for modern lists is going away

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Global tenant opt-out for modern lists is going away

Heads up SharePoint administrators! Microsoft has released a bulletin notififying its tenants that starting April 1, 2019, they will be retiring the option for classic mode for new lists and libraries at the tenant level. 

So what does really this mean? 

As Adinistrator: 

  • You will no longer be able to set the default view for document libraries to be classic mode.  The default will be Modern.
  • You should prepare by using the SharePoint Modernization Scanner:  This tool will allow administrators to identify sites and lists that use "certain features" that are not support by the new modern experience.
  • You will have the option to use a PowerShell script to enable or disable the modern experience for a single site collection or for a list of site collections that may have been identified by the SharePoint Modernization Scanner.


As User:

  • All existing documents libraries and lists that were in classic mode, because of the opt out option, will automatically be shifted to the new modern experience
  • Since not all sites will not be able to support the new modern experience (because of customizations that have been made to these lists); Microsoft says that all lists that use certain features not supported by the new modern experince will remain in classic mode.
  • You will still have the option to use the "Return to classic" link on modern lists and libraries. 
  • The List Settings option to set classic experience as default will still be available.


For more information on the SharePoint Modernization Scanner please click here to read Microsoft documentation on how to use the tool, and for more information about this pending change to SharePoint lists and libraries please click here.

There is no indication when or if these tools to configure lists and libraries for classic mode will be removed in the future, so stay tuned!


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