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Modern Lists Update!

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Modern Lists Update!

Hey, SharePoint Administrators. There have been some new updates released for SharePoint online concerning modern lists and libraries.  In 2016, Microsoft created the ability for tenants to opt out of the modern experience and stay with classic libraries.  Previously, this option was hidden and not available in the SharePoint admin menu.  The only way to enable this option was with the use of a PowerShell script.  Well, now Microsoft is unhiding that feature and making the option available on the SharePoint administration page in the Site Collection Feature area.  Don’t worry Admins, the PowerShell script will continue to work, allowing you to enable or disable this feature on multiple sites.  This new menu feature should be available to all tenants by the end of March 2019.

Another change for modern and classic lists is the return of the “Return to classic SharePoint” switch behavior. In the past, when you clicked the “Return to classic SharePoint” in the current library, all libraries and list would be affected.  Now, when the user clicks this option, only the current list is affected.  This change should be available to all Office 365 tenants by the end of March 2019

FAQ sourced from Microsoft

What lists in my environment will be affected by this change?

  1. The list is in a tenant that has opted out of modern lists via the tenant setting.
  2. The list is in a site collection or site that has opted out of modern lists via PowerShell.
  3. The list itself has opted out of modern lists through the list advanced setting.
  4. The list has an unsupported template or customization that causes it to fall back to classic mode.  For example, if the list is a Calendar or Task list, or if the list has a JSLink customization applied.
  5. The user has chosen “return to classic” from inside the modern view.

When will Microsoft remove or depracate classic mode?

Microsoft currently has no plans to remove classic mode.  All future updates will be for modern interface

Are there any other changes to the user experience as a result of this change?

This update is only a change to the administrative settings, not the user interface.

I'm still using a calendar list that is only available in classic mode.  Why aren't you modernizing these lists?

Microsoft has modernized many classic scenarios, such as document sets.  At the same time, they have also released new modern-only features, such as Microsoft Flow integration.  Modernization is an ongoing process.  Microsoft evaluates many data sources to help set priorities – including usage data, customer meetings and UserVoice.  Features with the greatest impact and usage are updated before features with less usage or demand.

More modernizations will come.  Microsoft is committed to updating all critical classic scenarios to the modern experience. 

I'm going to use my classic publishing portal for a ling time because of features and investment.  Is that going away?

Classic publishing remains a critical scenario for many customers.  Although Microsoft is not not developing new features, they are actively updating and optimizing performance for classic publish features.


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