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News From Our Cosmetic Surgery Division: Logo Branding Update!

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News From Our Cosmetic Surgery Division: Logo Branding Update!

Hey SharePointers!  Microsoft is making it much easier to brand our SharePoint sites with a new update that will be available to everyone by the end of May 2019. 

Let me explain the what the current issue with and what the new change is.  Currently, when you want to add a custom logo to a SharePoint site, you were restricted to a logo size of 200x30 pixels and the file size can be no larger than 10 KB.  Additionaly, the only supported file formats were JPG, PNG, or GIF.  BTW, it's pronouced jif folks, not gif!  So, this means that designers had to do a  lot of work before they could upload their logo to the web site.  The good news is that now Microsoft will now allow the logo to be used to brand a SharePoint site  to be in any file format and any size.  Just pick your logo and upload it.  SharePoint will take care of the rest.

Now there still are some branding restrictions that have not been addressed yet, mainly dealing with the background image for the top navigation bar.  You are still limited to PNG, JPG, and GIF file types plus the resolution of the file must be 1366x50 pixels and no larger than 15KB.  Hopefully, Microsoft will make a similar update to this area.


For more information about this release please visit the Microsoft roadmap.


Questions? Please send your questions or make an appointment today for a consult via email to


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