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Restore corrupt files stored on SharePoint

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Restore corrupt files stored on SharePoint

Have you ever received the message "Excel cannot open the file, file has been corrupted"?  This has happened to me occasionally when working with spreadsheets saved to a SharePoint library.  What's nice about SharePoint (and OneDrive) is that it automatically keeps up to 100 versions of the files stored there.  So, in theory, every change you make can be rolled back.

For most files, its fairly simple to retrieve previous versions of a corrupted file. There are many ways to get to the versions when the file has not yet been corrupted.  Its as easy as opening it, and going to the drop-down at the top of the document and selecting "Version History"

Here, you can select the previous version and save the older copy as the new copy.  For those times when you just cannot open the document, the web is your best choice.  For OneDrive Files, go to, open OneDrive and locate the file. For libraries synced from Teams, go to the Team, click on any of the Files Tabs, click on open in SharePoint and locate the document in the document library.  See example below:

Find an older version of the document that you think still worked and open it by clicking on the hyperlinked modified date. You can now save it as the new version. I have learned that with Excel to rather copy and paste the content into a new Excel Workbook, then save this as the new document. You might lose the last changes, but at least you haven’t lost everything.


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