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Send Email To A Microsoft Team

Doctor SharePoint
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Send Email To A Microsoft Team

Here is a quick tip from Doctor SharePoint.  In our efforts to streamline our processes here in the operating room we have employed the use of Microsoft Teams as much as possible

Microsoft Teams offers organizations many tools such as a shared document library, calendar and notes and the ability to uses these tools on many platforms such as PC and phone.

Now, to get to the point of this blog post. To integrate your use of email with Microsoft Teams.  When a patient or client sends you an email that you believe should be sent to a team, simply forward the email to your Microsoft Team.  But, wait.  How do you know what email address to send the email to?  Well, to get the Team email is easier than you think

  1. Select the Channel of the Team you wish to email.
  2. Click on the ellipse (…) next the Channel name and click “Get email address”
  3. Copy the email address when presented.

Now that you have the required information, simply open the email you wish to forward to the Team and enter the email address into the recipient’s list and then click the Send button.

Emails will be shown in the Conversation tab and if your email contained any attachments, those will be saved to the Teams SharePoint document library for that Channel.  Cool right?

Questions? Please send your questions or make an appointment today for a consult via email to

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