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SharePoint Home Sites: The Intelligent Intranet

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SharePoint Home Sites: The Intelligent Intranet

The staff here at DoctorSharePoint are always looking to invest time and money into improving our facilities and now Microsoft is providing some new tools to make this upgrade a no-brainer.  Introducing SharePoint Home Sites.

We want to build a new intranet site that is designed from the outset to facilitate collaboration, employee engagement and communications by connecting people and content.  Microsoft describes SharePoint home sites as the intelligent, integrated employee experience landing page. With SharePoint home sites, Microsoft is working to transform organization’s digital workplace.  With today’s transition to the cloud, SharePoint has been pushed to innovate even more than when it first launched more than 10 years ago.  For example, search and content management is now powered by intelligent AI.

Below I’ve listed some of the new functionality that this new feature will bring:

  • Connect the workplace with Microsoft Search and megamenu navigation
  • SharePoint home sites will share relevant news and content to each user based on their role and place in the organization
  • Increase employee engagement with conversations and compelling video provided by Yammer and Microsoft Stream
  • Boost individual productivity with personalized content, information, and navigation
  • Intelligent file experiences, sharing and controls with OneDrive

Let’s dive deeper into what SharePoint home site is.  Basically, it is a supercharged SharePoint communication site.  It is an organizational news source by default.  All news published to the home site will be marked to indicate that it is official news and will be available to all users with access to the home site. 

SharePoint home sites will be connected to the SharePoint start page and will feature improved navigation, insights to activity in your sites and views of your documents.  SharePoint home sites is designed to be deployed quickly, minutes instead of months.


Learn even more about SharePoint Home sites here

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