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SharePoint Landing Page

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SharePoint Landing Page

Your SharePoint landing page does not have to be bland and unexciting.  Using the newly available PowerShell tools from Microsoft, you can swap your current site with any existing or new Modern SharePoint site.

The command Invoke-SPOSiteSwap will swap the location of the source site with a target site while archiving the original target site.  When the swap is initiated, the target site is moved to the archive location and the source site is moved to the target location.

In order to use the new PowerShell commands, you must use SharePoint Admin PowerShell version 16.0.8812.1200 or later.

A couple preparation steps need to be taker prior to the site swap.

  1. Any Featured links defined in the SharePoint Start Page at will not be displayed after performing the site swap.  Document what your current Featured links are before making the swap.
  2. Since features such as external sharing and application interfaces are defined at the root site, review the source site to make sure that it has the required policies and permissions.  Pay particular attention to external sharing settings and site permissions.
  3. If the source site is associated with a Hub Site, break the association before performing the swap.  You can then associate the root site after the swap has completed.

For more information on parameters of the script visit Microsoft’s Docs site for the details

Questions? Please send your questions or make an appointment today for a consult via email to

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