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SharePoint Online Performance Alerts

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SharePoint Online Performance Alerts

Regular checkups and maintenance is the key to good health, and a happy SharePoint environment

Due to roll out to Targeted Release organizations in April, 2019, Microsoft will provide an additional tool for SharePoint Administrators to maintain the health of their sites.  The new tool is an alert banner for classic sites when page performance is compromised because of the structural navigation.  The alerts will only be visible to site owners and the alert banner will be clickable, so that the user can learn more about the issue.

Structural navigation is what's available out of the box for SharePoint Online administrators for designing site and page navigation.  Structural navigation is easy to setup and use, but carries a penalty.  Performance overhead for classic sites.  For this reason, the experienced staff here highly recommend enabling a Managed navigation option.  

Managed navigation is also available out of the box but requires that a managed term set be in place.  Its a little more work that just using Structural navigation, but the benefits are for out way the time required to implement this solution.  These benefits are faster performance. the flexibility of non-hardcoded links, and friendly URL's


For more information on the new performance alert please click here to review the Microsoft roadmap describing this feature. For more information about Structural and Managed navigation please visit this site here.


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