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Teams Updates RoundUP

Joel Rollins
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Teams Updates RoundUP

The staff here rely on collaboration in order for us to handle the large workload in our DoctorSharePoint operations center.  We have been extremely happy with Microsoft Teams with how it allows both local and remote operators to work together on numerous operations.  And Teams is only getting better! Over the past few months, Microsoft has been aggressively releasing new updates and improvements

Below are new capabilities that will be rolling out to customers soon that will make it easier to use Teams to communicate and collaborate.

  • Announcements:  This will allow team members to highlight important news in a channel and ensure that the post draws the appropriate attention. A screenshot of a social media postDescription automatically generated
  • Across channel posting:  Allows you to post a single message in multiple channels at the same time.
  • Channel moderation: This will allow moderators to manage what gets posted in a channel and whether a post accepts replies.  Like many popular message boards.
  • Private Team discovery.  Microsoft is now providing the option to allow private teams to be available in user team searches.  This function is an Admin and Team owner-controlled option.  Private teams will also surface as suggested teams when this option is enabled.
  • New for Government Community Compliance customers (GCC), Teams and Skype will now be able to interact with each other, meaning users of both platforms will be able to message each other and attend meetings.
  • Improved video support for Teams meetings using Chrome.  Now when you join a Teams meeting using the Chrome browser, you can share your own video view others as well

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