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Valuable Time Saving Teams Tips

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Valuable Time Saving Teams Tips

Microsoft Teams has been a runaway success for Microsoft, and for good reason.  Users really enjoy having all the social related tools easily accessible in one place.  For the new users being introduced to Teams, the amount of functionality can be a little overwhelming at first.  With that said, here are some tips for new and seasoned users that will help you to get the most out of Teams.

  • Meet with Guest users in Teams

In the past, users were familiar with creating Skype meeting directly from Outlook, well, the same functionality exists with Teams as long as you have the desktop version of Microsoft Teams installed. 

With this function you can create a meeting and invite anyone you like as long as the person has a valid email address; a Microsoft account is not required.  The recipient will have the option to join by PC or phone.

  • Apps and Actions from the Command Box

The search box at the top is your best friend.  This search box does more than just search, hidden within this seemingly simple interface is a whole host of commands.  To see the list of available commands you only need to type’/’. 

A long list will be presented to you, but here are the ones I find the most useful:

/Whatsnew – With all the changes that comes to Office 365 and Teams, this is a handy shortcut to the Release notes tab in the T-Bot channel.

@Wikipedia – Allow you to do a Wikipedia search

/goto – If you have a lot of teams or channels, this is a good way to hop straight to your destination

/files – Shows you list of your recent files and allows you to go directly to that file

/Keys – This shows a reference of the available keyboard shortcuts for Teams.  Very handy!

/call – This allows you to type the name of the person you want to call.  Very useful in large organizations

/help – This will take you the T-Bot channel where you can ask questions about Teams

/saved – This will show all of your saved messages

  • Microsoft Teams T-Bot

In the previous tip, I mentioned T-Bot a few times.  This is a Microsoft AI that is very good at getting things done.  It is very interactive and is actually useful

  • Save Messages or Bookmarks

When you are having a chat with someone and something interesting or very important is said, you can bookmark it for later reference just by clicking the sash icon at the top of the message 

You can quickly find this message by clicking on your profile picture and selecting ‘Saved’ or typing ‘/saved’ in the search box

  • Translation of Teams Messages

You can now translate messages to your preferred language in Microsoft Teams on a message by message basis.  You can accomplish this by selecting the message, click the ellipse and choose ‘Translate’ 

  • Record your Teams meetings

Did you know that you can record your Teams meetings?  With Teams, you can capture audio, video and any screen sharing activities.  All recording are saved to Microsoft Stream.  This functionality is very useful for team members who could not attend an important meeting.  Now they can view the meeting later and stay up to date with what transpired and not learn of important happenings third hand.

  • View and Edit Microsoft Visio collaboratively in Teams

Well, Teams is a collaborative tool and Visio is an application suited perfectly for Teams.  How it works is that once a Visio file is uploaded into a channel, all users will have the ability to alter the diagram from directly inside Teams while at the same time having a conversation about it.


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